Types of Maternity Underwear For Pregnancy

Types of Maternity Underwear For Pregnancy

Your pregnancy will cause a lot of stretching here and there that you will definitely need a new set of wardrobe to fit your bulging belly in and still feel comfortable in that. You might have been so busy with all the other changes that you need to deal with since you learned that you are growing a baby inside of you that you may not have given much thought about your underwear.

It is quite understandable as you might still be attached to whatever underwear that you are wearing at the time you read about this. It won’t be long that you will realize that your undies are not going to provide you the support that you need once your baby bump starts to really grow. It’s a smart way to have the best underwear for pregnancy in your wardrobe, so you will have something to wear comfortably that will lessen whatever uneasiness that your condition might bring.

The best maternity underwear for pregnancy can be a loyal friend that you can depend during pregnancy and postpartum.

You might be thinking, do you really need to have a maternity underwear.

Of course, you will need a maternity underwear. With all the stretching that your growing bump will create, whatever you may be wearing during pre-pregnancy may not give you the comfort that your body desperately needs throughout the rest of your pregnancy and even during postpartum.

Though you may feel temporary relief from any discomfort when you take a shower, nothing beats wearing an underwear that provides optimum support, especially around your belly.

How does a maternity underwear differ from an ordinary underwear?

In an effort to ease the discomfort that pregnant women may have during pregnancy, many maternity clothing manufacturers have continuously developed maternity wear with interesting design and make. This includes providing pregnant women with more comfortable pieces of maternity underwear that comes in many shapes, sizes, designs and are made for different purposes. It doesn’t matter if you prefer maximum support that granny panties offer or the sensual thong that you’d rather have. There will always be a comfortable, stretchy maternity underwear style that will suit you. Such maternity underwear will help you rock your bump and post-baby body in style and with ease.

Five basic types of maternity underwear are available online and maybe even in your local stores. Under each type, you can find a huge variety of types and styles to consider. Once you fully understand for what purpose each type is made, you can confidently pick the best maternity underwear for pregnancy that will provide what you need.

Basic Maternity underwear

These pieces of underwear are made of breathable cotton and other stretchy, soft materials. There is nothing fancy about these undies but they provide the right comfort that you are expecting from a go-to maternity underwear. One of these will just be perfect for any regular activity that you to accomplish in a day.

For basic maternity underwear, you have several options to choose from: the over belly maternity, lower-rise maternity underwear, maternity thermal underwear, as well as the plus size maternity underwear.

An over-the-belly underwear is made to cover your entire bump with the underwear. In essence, it provides some form of support for your expanding belly. For those who may experience itching on the lower part of the belly may feel uncomfortable with the elastic part of the underwear cutting into the belly. The over belly underwear will just be a perfect choice.

In case you would rather wear an underwear that does not touch your belly, then opt for the lower-rise maternity underwear. This underwear is usually cut in a v-shape, so it won’t touch your belly. They are also designed to be fold-overs, so you can adjust them to the size of your bump. They can also be cut as shorts and boy shorts for fuller coverage in the thighs and the buttocks.

If the cold weather is something that gives you the worries, you may want to buy a maternity thermal underwear, instead. There are several brands offering this type of underwear. You may just have to do the necessary research to find the ones that will provide you the support and comfort that you want.

For bigger-sized pregnant women, a plus size maternity underwear is also available. Brands like Thyme, Motherhood, Cezara, are just a few of the brands that offer maternity underwear that can carry up to 4x so that you can feel great even with a such as you have.

Sexy maternity underwear

Your pregnancy should not be a reason for you to have fun in the bedroom. If you’re in for some sultry moments with your husband, just feel alluring with a pair of sexy maternity underwear. Look for one that’s made of lace and with brightly colored shades.

Maternity pregnancy underwear

This maternity underwear provides more support to your entire belly a well as your back. It is made to be a little tight. This makes it possible for this underwear to hold the belly better by distributing the weight in it. Many have tried it and loved it. I’m pretty sure you will if you want one like it.

Maternity underwear for hospital wear

The hospital is a not-so-pleasing place to be and you wouldn’t want your favorite underwear in there. That’s why you can put on one of these disposable maternity underwears. This mesh underwear is usually provided free by hospitals.

You can use it even after you have given birth as it can hold the pad that you will also most likely need after giving birth.

Maternity underwear afterbirth

After giving birth you will feel and look flabby. It will take some time for your skin to regain its firmness and natural tone. Wearing maternity slimming underwear is one of the things that you need to do to allow your skin to regain its former shape. They won’t just provide adequate support, but you will also look great in them.

With the best maternity underwear, you can face pregnancy with lesser concerns. This gives more assurance that you and your baby will have a happier and healthier pregnancy.

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