Travel Firsts – Bungee Jumping in Africa

Travel Firsts – Bungee Jumping in Africa

So, you wanna go bungee jumping, eh? The world is your playground, especially in Africa. Let’s start with the classics…

  • The Bloukrans River Bridge is approximately 216 meters high, making this a 160 meters jump, plenty of meters to get most of your adrenaline going (if not, you need to go see a doctor when you are back in your country). According to the Guiness Book of World Record, this is the highest bungee jump in the world. The 216 meters walkway to the jumping spots allows ample views of the beautiful surrounding and gives you some time to walk back if you change your mind and decide there are other experiences out there for you to try before this one. Face Adrenaline ( is probably the best company choice to help you with setting up your adrenaline-filled day: they pride a 100 % safety record. The Victoria Falls Bridge on the Zambezi River, on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe,  remains one of the popular spots for bungee jumping in Africa. You are all probably remembering the recent accident , when Erin Langworthy’s cord snapped after the rebound, but also remember that there are statistically very few such incidents per number of jumps (apparently, there are only 22 officially recorded deaths from such accidents). With this jump, you glide towards the Batoka Gorge, with its grade 5 rapids. It’s a 111 meters dive down, but if you have counted all of them, you have gone a little too far. You can use Shearwater (, an adventure company in Zimbabwe that has an office in Victoria Falls town as well. The basic jump is $120, but you can add different features to your jump, such as jumping in tandem with your loved one ($190) or have your jump filmed on DVD to show to your grandchildren (or maybe not…) for an additional $50. Here is something you should remember: the bridge is in the no man’s land between Zambia and Zimbabwe, which means that the border guards will issue a special pass just for your jump. Take about an hour before your schedule time for the jump to make sure you have the time to go through all the formalities.

And move onto the less obvious choices:

  • Kenya has started to develop a limited bungee jumping industry about 10 years ago, when a 60-meters crane was installed on the Tania River, about 100 km north of Nairobi. While an interesting experience if you are in the area, it doesn’t have the spectacular feeling of becoming one with the nature, like you would in the classics, nor the spectacular sensation of the gorge.

  • The Nile High Bungee in Uganda is a smaller, 44 meters jump, so this is better for less enthusiastic jumpers. The smaller height is well-compensated by the rapids of the Nile at this point. One amazing experience: you can actually choose to touch the water (the rope will pull you back just in time). ADRIFT ( is a company in Uganda that operates a number of adventure trips on the Nile, including this bungee jumping feat.

Bottom line

Whether you are into bungee jumping or this is the first time you are doing it, many of the African locations will benefit you because of the extraordinary, raw nature that surrounds the jump spot. The companies that handle this are professional and have been organizing bungee jumping tours for years, so you will not have any bad surprises.

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