Marathons in June

Marathons in June

It is probably unnecessary to explain why this is part of our adventure section, but one can remember that the first guy who tried the feat, namely the Greek soldier, Pheidippides, perished in the attempt. With all this introductory encouragement, the month of June has some excellent events for those who are passionate about running marathons, with additional fractional options for those of you who are passionate, but don’t have the stamina (or desire) to run the entire course.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon & Half Marathon (June 23rd).
The best thing about this marathon is that it is in Seattle and by Seattle, we mean the entire fun part of downtown. The full course also takes you to Seaward Park, one of the landmarks of Seattle, an amazing forest laid out on a peninsula going into Lake Washington (however, by the time you get here you will have experienced about half the marathon, so those physical cramps might hold you back a bit from enjoying the scenery). The bands and cheerleaders along the way help make this a great experience. On the down side: there have been complaints about Cytomax handouts (too rare) and other offerings that are necessities for the runner during the course (water and bathrooms). At the same time, the number of hills in the city itself is less pleasant when you are letting your lungs out. Overall, a fun course to try at some point!

Stockholm Marathon (June 2).
Right at the beginning of the month, the Stockholm marathon is one of the several organized on the Old Continent. You’ll find tradition, culture and history all on this marathon course. Although only 30 some- years in existence (the inaugural edition was in 1979), the beginning and end to the course is right at the 1912 Olympic Stadium, so it gives a historical sensation to the whole deal. The Stockholm Marathon is also a chance to visit much of the old part of the city, with such sites as the Royal Palace or the City Hall, which is still wonderful, even during this time you are putting in tremendous efforts. The city is relatively mild when it comes to the ups and downs of the course and the Swede’s organizational skills are an extra plus.

Cork City Marathon (June 4).
We like Cork, the second largest city in Ireland, so the Cork City Marathon is one of the choices we make here. The course is also nicely done so that you get in as much of the city views as possible, including a run through the marina and passed Blackrock Castle. The Irish are passionate throughout the course, so you will get plenty of encouragement, which, as you runners out there know, sometimes makes the difference between finishing and not finishing. The weather is not always the best: occasionally hot, you can add to that some strong gushes of

If you want a great place to relax after the Cork City Marathon, book in advance a room at the amazing Liss Ard Estate, in Skibberen. Although it is about 80 kilometers from Cork, this historic house is set in amazing scenery, with ample gardens and a great breakfast, just the right thing for to unwind after the race.

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