DIY Coffee Mugs for Mother’s Day Gifts

DIY Coffee Mugs for Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is almost here and you need a gift again. Maybe you should get coffee mugs for mom. Its hard to say. You might find yourself getting stressed out once again, but this is not the time for that. Mother’s Day is the opportunity get something to make your mom happy. Try to focus on this thought and everything will be fine. Most moms don’t want something expensive anyway. You can get them something simple like a coffee mug or a big I love you letter. Relax and get then a gift that shows you love them. That’s all that really matters.

You probably want to make your own coffee mug this time around. Money might be a issue this year. You got to look back in the couch and do things crazy again. Well, the process to make a coffee mug is not too difficult. All it takes is a little bit of this and some love. Find a up that looks like a coffee mug to start. Then,use materials you can afford to make a coffee mug for your mom. The materials can be things you find int he house or at your local grocery store. Moms are not picky creatures. Just breathe in and follow these little steps to get coffee cup ideas.

Ideas to Make Your Own Coffee Mug

First, find a cup laying around the house or make a cup

Make sure the cup looks like the coffee mugs for mom you usually get. Now, making your own cup requires you to make one from clay, so you should pick a cup you already have. But, if your feeling artistic, then ignore what I just said. Whatever cup you find, make sure it can be decorated easily.

Use sharpie pens or permanent markers to decorate the coffee mug

These materials work best when trying to decorate a home made cup. You can also use paint if you want some. Take the material you chose and write something. I suggest you write something with love or write something you mom likes. The gift is for your mom remember.

Put your finger print on the mug

Its not mandatory, but it lets your mom know its personally made. The fingerprint touch is very old school. Most people don’t do it. But, You mom might appreciate the realness.

Put some decorations on the mug

You can put glass, paper, or other objects that can stick with glue. Your not making a kindergarten sundae. Try to find some things that make the coffee mug look cool and enjoyable. Don’t put something on there that will embarrass your mom.

Pick some stickers to put on the mug

Not interested in gluing things to a cup? You should just put stickers on it. Its a homemade cup and stickers tend to stick if they are not messed with. Your mom won’t mind the simple art. She might even think your being smart for saving time.

Put a family photo on a mug

Putting family photos on things is nothing new. But, you putting a family photo on a cup is something rare. Most people don’t want people on their cups. Put one on your mom’s cup and see what happens. Maybe things will be good.

Make the mugs match two people

The two people can be you and your mom. You two will drink from the same coffee mugs and people will know. They will know you two show a connection that is connected to love or friendship.

Feeling like adding some sparkles to your coffee mug?

This might seem a bit out of place, but you can put glitter on your coffee mug. The mug will feel and look like a child did it. But, the face reaction your mom will give you will tell you if its worth it. Glitter tends to brighten up the day and remind you of the good times. Remember its the thought that makes the best gifts.

Wrap the coffee mug up with colorful tape on the outside

The tape will look like a kid’s toy. The cup will still look cool and interesting. People will come to visit your mom and say “who made that.” That will insist her to mention you. If you want to be remembered for being the most creative, then you should get pieces of different color tape and put it on the outside of the coffee mug.

Turn the coffee cup into a flower pot

Moms like flowers. Your mom is the one who hates coffee. That is understandable. You can get her a cup and turn it into a flower coffee cup. It will save you money and make her happy. Hey, who feels like getting a refund for something that was suppose to be a gift for someone else?

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