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What Kind of Habitat Do Leopard Geckos Live In?

The leopard gecko happens to be one of the most famous lizards because it is easy to breed and has an easy-going temperament for its owners. In addition, it does not require a large terrarium and its nightlife makes it an ideal animal for those who work during the day. This reptile is also recommended… Read More »

What Type of Fleece is a Best Choice for Your Guinea Pigs?

Just like any other house pet, you may not wish your guinea pig to be wandering around the home at night. A hutch or cage is the most suitable place to keep your lovable guinea pig comfortable. Some of the pet owners discover that their guinea pig likes lying in their enclosure. It’s their shelter… Read More »

DIY Coffee Mugs for Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is almost here and you need a gift again. Maybe you should get coffee mugs for mom. Its hard to say. You might find yourself getting stressed out once again, but this is not the time for that. Mother’s Day is the opportunity get something to make your mom happy. Try to focus… Read More »

Types of Maternity Underwear For Pregnancy

Your pregnancy will cause a lot of stretching here and there that you will definitely need a new set of wardrobe to fit your bulging belly in and still feel comfortable in that. You might have been so busy with all the other changes that you need to deal with since you learned that you… Read More »

Natural Remedies For Iron Deficiency Anemia During Pregnancy

Your pregnancy may be looking so well for weeks now. You have so sure that you and your baby will continue to enjoy a healthy pregnancy. After all, you have been eating a healthy diet and have taken what you think is the best iron supplement for pregnancy. You also prefer red meat than veggies.… Read More »

Making your own shrimp bisque

The shrimp bisque remains one of the favorite traditional French dishes. Its origins are from Charente, in the Western part of France (our favorite source for culinary inspiration, with great reason!), where the abundance of seafood (aka shrimp as well) makes this a wonderfully fresh and tasty dish. This is a recipe by celebrity chef… Read More »

Travel Firsts: First time on the Amazon River

The trip in the Amazon jungle was my “trip of a lifetime”. You know what these are: those trips that you plan for years and years and then you start saving money for them for more years and years, until they finally happen. The sheer size of the Amazon River gave it a legendary figure:… Read More »

Marathons in June

It is probably unnecessary to explain why this is part of our adventure section, but one can remember that the first guy who tried the feat, namely the Greek soldier, Pheidippides, perished in the attempt. With all this introductory encouragement, the month of June has some excellent events for those who are passionate about running… Read More »


If you are in Peru and someone comes up to you and invites you to go sandboarding with him, don’t look at him like you both had too much to drink last night: sandboarding is not only a cool adventure activity today, but also one that Egyptians and Chinese reportedly used to practice over 1,000… Read More »

First Time in North Korea

This is definitely a ”first” for many and, for most, a last as well. It is not that North Korea is not an interesting country, in its own way, or that it is not worth going to, but its remoteness, its lack of contacts with the outside world (there are only a couple of direct… Read More »