Adventure Travel in Nature’s Elements

Adventure Travel in Nature’s Elements

When you think of adventure travel, there are so many ways to make adrenaline can rise in countries other than your own. From traditional, like rafting and safaris, to the less so and almost dangerous (think bull running in Pamplona), travel can be an adventure anywhere. But there is something about communing with nature’s elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) to make adventure travel even more raw and exciting. Leaving out fire with the presumption that no one really wants to burned to a crisp whilst on their vacation, we’ll show you adventure travel in each of the other three elements: Land, Air, and Water.

The best adventure travel one can partake in on land is a safari. Ride on horses or in a jeep alongside zebras and other animals and get back to the basics of living. Or not – the best thing about the safari is its high level of customization. Tour operators go to great lengths to create a package that fits your exact needs and wants, including luxury locations for overnight lodging and sumptuous meals. For the more adventurous, tree top lodging is an excellent choic, like the lodges in the Aberdare National Park, Kenya. Reportedly, this is where Queen Elizabeth was told of her father’s death in 1952 and the fact that she was now the Queen of Great Britain.

Low Point: Cost. Safaris are quite expensive and you are lucky if you can actually fi nd anything under $4,500 per person for a 8-nights stay. To this, you would also add travel fare, expensive if you come from outside Africa, as is probably the case. You should be able to continue to adventure travel in the years to come as well, ratherSafaris are a particularly great place for romance and we know of many couples whose love has blossomed under a canopy of Kenyan trees. Talk about romantic: a cocktail by the fi re in a luxury camp like the Meru Camp, in Kenya, followed by candlelit dinner in your tent (and the tent is not that thing you bought at the local Wal-Mart and spent half a day setting it up. Think large, comfy, stylish, and luxurious – straight from the movie Out of Africa). Kenya is usually the preferred destination for safaris, with amazing national parks and reserves such as the Mwingi National Reserve or the Masai Mara (not the best choice if you want to have more privacy with your loved one: it is one of the most popular locations, so it is usually filled with groups of tourists). Other traditional destinations are Kruger Park in South Africa, as well as several destinations in Namibia, like the Etosha National Park.

than splurge it all in one trip.

What is it about hot air ballooning, the best travel we’ve found for the element of air, that makes it adventurous? Not necessarily a great question ask yourself after the recent accident in New Zealand that killed eleven people… but honestly nothing matches the ability to see beautiful places from up high, combined with the human and ancient fascination of flight and the danger of it all. An interesting way of combining all these is a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, in Turkey. The big bonus about Cappadocia is the unusual scenery volcanic rock, whose erosion led to a variety of shapes and forms, best observed from above, but there is so much more that you can enjoy in the region, including visits to historical and cultural sites (ancient churches, dining halls, and even entire cities carved into caves and underground).

Low Point: A hot air balloon ride usually takes 2-4 hours, so it will be just a small part of your travel plan. You need to find other adventurous things that you can do on your trip or move on to other attractions. Not a problem, when the “Valley of Love” is just a few minutes away. Spend a few hours hiking, horseback riding, or four-wheeling in the valley and discover old cave homes not inhabited for thousands (yes, thousands) of years. One look at the tall, slender, and quite erect formations of volcanic rock that make up the valley, and you’ll quickly understand why it is called (even by locals) the Love Valley.

For adventure travel on the water, rafting is one of the best choices you can make and Costa Rica is the best country to do it in. The rivers in the Cost Rica are fast and make for a great rafting experience because of their excessive rainfall and the challenge of numerous rapids. You also have a wide range of options, depending on your skill and desired level of adventure you are willing to go for. If you are a beginner, the Pejibaye River is a good choice, most of it being an easy float. If you want more, the Reventazon River offers a wider selection, with the route from the Powerhouse to Tucurrique  (about three miles) being a good combination longer.

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